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Same on the inside

A mother and child passed me on the street. The child had a blue balloon. His mother was saying, “But the they only had a blue one son. If they’d had a red one I would have got you a red one. Anyway, it’s the same air inside.”

I think we can all learn something from this high street philosopher.


A paphiopedilum prchid

A paphiopedilum orchid

Mother always used to joke that my hobby was collecting hobbies. I’d have a new one every week. Usually my interest would be sparked by something on the TV or something someone else was doing and I liked the look of.

I’d rush into it, wanting all the kit, then after a week or so I’d get bored and spot something else far more exciting.

Stamp collecting; I needed the proper albums and hinges, magnifying glass and tweezers. And Books – Observers Book of Stamps, Stamp Collecting for beginners, Stamps of the World.
Rocks; little hammer, magnifying glass. And Books – Observers Book of Rocks, Rocks and Minerals for Beginners.
Paper making; paper making kit, magnifying glass. Books.
Model making; kits or bits of wood, plans, magnifying glass. Books.
Origami; paper (home made and shop bought), plans, magnifying glass. Books.

Part of my problem was (and still is), I’m not very patient. I like thing to happen fairly quickly, which is why I struggle a bit with gardening. Some elements happen really quickly, like grass and weeds growing, while bulbs and seeds take months and months.

A spider orchid

A spider orchid

I think Mother finally lost her patience with me when we couldn’t move in the house for books and magnifying glasses.

One of the things I’d always wanted to do was grow Orchids. I just never got round to doing it. So today while out I bought a couple of specimens (as us ‘orchid growers’ call them). They appear to be fairly straight forward to look after, although I will need to get a book about them so that I can do it right. (In fact I’ve just ordered it online, it’ll be here tomorrow).

And I may need a Green House.

I’ve also been told that I need to give up one of my other hobbies to make way for this one. So if anyone knows of anyone in need of a set of 16 crochet hooks or a ton of Hama beads then let me know.

I’m also on the look out for a good orchid growers magnifying glass.

Three thoughts for Thursday

A stamp

A stamp

This is possibly a really early Christmas card.

I guess that’s the problem with Christmas stamps.

If you don’t use them all up at Christmas then they look odd at other times of the year and if you hang onto them until next Christmas you look like you’ve been stock piling them in case of a rise in postal charges.

I love the font on the date stamp.

Photo phun

A 'picture' of me

A ‘picture’ of me

I’ve been playing with some software looking for something to do chroma key on iPhone/ipad.

Obviously I don’t read the instructions and I don’t have a green screen to try to with, but still, I think it’s given me some interesting results.

Not what I’m looking for. But interesting.

And finally

For anyone who thinks that nothing much ever really happens in Norfolk, here’s a story from the BBC:
Cromer Carnival parade ‘gatecrashed’ by supermarket lorry.

18th August

Putting the heating on.

August 18th.



I’m in the Poundland. Everything around me is £1.

Things that sell for less than £1 are doubled or tripled up so that they can be sold together for £1.

I’m in the queue holding one item, costing £1. I am also holding a £1 coin.

In front of me is an elderly lady. She too is holding 1 item, costing £1.

In front of her there’s a young woman with three items totalling £3.

The young woman arrives at the till.
“Do you need a bag?”
‘Yes please.’
“That’s £3 please”.
The young woman hands over a five pound note and gets £2 change.

Now it’s the turn of the elderly lady with one item.

“Do you need a bag?”
“That’s a pound please”.
‘For the bag?’
“No for your bleach”.
“A pound?”
‘Yes. A pound please’.
“Has it gone up?”
‘No it’s always been a pound’.
The elderly lady then takes about three minutes looking through her bag for her purse. Two minutes counting a pound in change and a further two minutes packing the bleach away.

My turn.

“Do you need a bag?”
‘No thank-you’.
“That’s a pound then please”.
I hand over my £1 coin, take my recepit and wait by the door for the elderly lady to button up her coat.

While I stand there I think, ‘One day this will be me”.


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