Still too hot

My fingers have stuck together and I can’t get my shoes off. The heat has made everything expand – except the weekend. Earlier today in the garden the water in the swimming pool was evaporating quicker than I could pour it in. I gave up and washed in the bathroom instead.
I find the nights are the worse. Too hot to sleep and I spend most of the early hours reading online articles on how to stay cool at night and not loose sleep.
Grass is really cold in the middle of the night, but walking around the garden barefoot at 3am does have its hazards. Just ask the slugs.
As you may have gathered I have now completely moved out of the hot house and I’m living Bear Grylls style on the patio. Tomorrow morning I plan on abseiling down the washing line to gather up some breakfast scraps from the bird table.
Finally my experiments with home made sun block are not going well. Who’d have guessed butterflies would be so attracted to maple syrup. It’s like I’m wearing a Jeff Banks shirt.


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