At last!

It is with great pleasure and relief that I can report that it’s gone a bit cooler. There’s a breeze blowing that Seals and Crofts would no doubt find inspiring.
The net curtains are billowing nicely, butterflies are heading off course and I seem to be able to think straight again. Honestly, I felt like a zombie in all that heat, walking around, arms stretched out, moaning and mumbling. It was like it wasn’t me but a version of me possessed by some gibbering old fool. Now it all seems to have snapped nicely back into focus.
By the way, does anyone know what happened to my beard?
Looking at the forecast the slightly less warm weather mixed with showers looks like being with us for the rest of the week – but it’s certainly not looking as hot as last week.
The cooler weather has allowed me to walk round the grounds (garden). While I was there I spotted a pretty little flower on what passes for a lawn. Turns out it’s Bindweed – so called because it’s a weed and it’s a bind to get rid of.
I’ve bought a book – ‘How to Rid Your Garden of Bindweed in 27 Easy Steps’ by Alan Titchmarsh’s brother, Trevor. The first step is to dig up the roots down as far as the bedrock. After that, to be honest, things don’t seem all that easy. Where on earth are you expected to get a flamethrower in Norwich? Do you think Thorns would have them?
On the plus side this slightly cooler weather means I can start going out fully dressed again.


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