Missing days

For reasons far too complicated to explain here, I’ve moved my blog from a server to the WordPress site. Sadly this means I’ve lost a couple of posts and rather than have a hole in the middle of July I thought it best to fill in those missing days.

So on 10th July I posted something really funny about a poster in a shop window in Sheringham asking for people to organise their Christmas Trees. It’s July. Even in Sheringham. The summer holiday haven’t even started properly and they are planning winter.

The following day I noticed that a bird in my garden had started to talk. He was saying, “Can you hear me?” I pondered on what this all means in the great scheme of things and no doubt passed a witty comment about Blackbirds being lippy. I even recorded it talking.

By Sunday my gas boiler had broken down in all the heat. The gas man rang me at ten to eight in the morning to say he was on his way. He managed to fix it. Something to do with a diaphragm, which I though was some kind of contraceptive. But no, they have them in boilers too.

Then on Monday my electric kettle sprung a leak. We’ve gone back to using one on the gas hob. It whistles when it’s ready.

So that just about sums up those missing days in July on this blog. Hopefully we can continue now without interruption.


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