Who do you think you are?

It must have been Charlie Chaplin’s day off today as I saw him on the bus on way home and he didn’t have his Charlie Chaplin paraphernalia with him.

Some mornings he gets the same bus as me into town, but not as Charlie. Somewhere between Castle Meadow and Hay Hill the bloke on the bus becomes the silent movie star. But all blacked up. Like Al Jolson. Perhaps he’s meant to be Al Jolson.

A Hibiscus

A Hibiscus

Anyway, whoever he is, today was his day off and and so Hay Hill had to listen to some guy playing a guitar. I’m not sure who he was meant to be. I’ll go with Jeff Beck because I can’t spell John Frusciante.


Meanwhile in the garden, the most amazing flower has opened. I’m told it’s a Hibiscus. It reminds me of holidays in Spain, which is exactly why we bought it.

Blog plug

Do yourself a favour and check out the Archaeofox Blog. Stephen Fox is an ‘Experimental Archaeologist & Hand-crafter at the Lofotr Viking Museum, Borg in Norway. I’d love to get out there with my tape recorder and capture some of the sounds of recreating Viking bows and arrows.


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