Sheringham + and –

A Peters and Lee LP

A Peters and Lee LP

An evening trip into Sheringham has its ups and down. Fortunately the ups far outweigh the downs.

For a start there’s free parking after 6pm.

They have an abundance of fish and chip shops, ice cream parlours and amusement arcades.

Arriving shortly after 6pm on a beautiful summer’s evening the town is alive with holiday makers eating chips and ice cream and feeding the slot machines in the arcades.

I managed one out of the three and came this close to winning a plastic dinosaur.

Sadly most of the other lovely shops have closed for the evening and I miss out on a bargain such at this Peters and Lee LP. Perhaps they should take a lesson from somewhere like St Ives in Cornwall where the shops have a little siesta later afternoon and reopen early evening for a couple of hours.

A Sheringham sunset

A Sheringham sunset

But Sheringham has so much more to offer than shopping and you don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy it. Walk a little further and you reach the sea.

Raised up on the sea wall well above the evening bathers, there’s a fantastic view of the setting sun.

It’s odd to be on the east coast and see the sun setting over the sea.

The coastal wall is covered in holiday makers eating chips and ice cream circled by the ever hungry scavaging gulls.


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