Wild mushrooms

A list of mushroom links

A list of mushroom links

For reasons more complicated than a Betamax manual, my website domains have been broken for the past few days.

When such things happen websites bounce to a list of commercial sites based roughly on the content of the missing one.

So this is what visitors saw; a list of helpful mushroom related links.

Strangely I did grow mushroom when I was younger. They were in a box under the kitchen sink.

We cultivated enough for somewhere in the region of one omelette before coming down one morning to be greeted by one giant mushroom the size of a kettledrum. It tasted like a tyre.

I’ve never really had much luck with home grown produce, now I come to think of it. Most of the stuff I’ve planted in gardens ended up on some other creature’s dinner table. Apart from fennel. I had amazing success with fennel.

I hate the fennel.

On the plus side the domains are working again, but I am transferring them to a more reliable company, so I suspect they may go offline again for a short time while someone in a tiny office in Patagonia flicks a switch, because as you know, that’s how the Internet works.


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