The bleeding key

I’ve pulled the house apart two months early. I blame the weather.

Usually it’s an autumn pastime playing ‘find the bleeding key’, but with this ‘cold snap’ I’ve been forced to turn the central heating on. Well I would if I could find the bleeding key.

I should explain that the key I’m referring to is actually called a ‘bleeding key’. It’s the key to bleed the radiators of all the spare air that been bubbling around the system for the past ten months.

After a period of inactivity all the bits of air gather at the top of radiators making them inefficient or, as in my case, inoperative.*

Every year I bleed the radiators before winter sets in. Every year I take a trip around the house with a cloth and an tupperware bowl and I bleed the system. Every year I put the key in a safe place and every following year I can find the bleeding thing.

I’ve looked everywhere it could possibly be and tomorrow i will undoubtedly spend most of my day looking in all the places it couldn’t possibly be. I’d spend more time this evening doing it, but I’m all hot and bothered now and the last thing I need is the heating turned up.

*My understanding of the central heating system isn’t founded in any sort of training and I strongly advise you, if you are suffering the same problem, to call in a qualified heating engineer and tell them to bring their own bleeding key.


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