Random thoughts

A cafe

A cafe

Maple syrup is the stickiest substance known to man. I know this because I found it difficult to remove the newspaper from the table in the cafe this morning. Eventually it was all cleaned up for me , “we had a couple of kids sat here just before you came in”. I wonder what they used to remove them.

Card shop

Is there any occasion not covered by a greetings card? I was looking for a wedding acceptance card and had to plough my way through cards for all occasions;

A card shop

A card shop

‘Happy birthday to my teacher’, ‘Well done on passing you citizenship exam’, ‘Sorry to hear your cat has died’, ‘Thanks for the loan of the golfing shoes’, ‘I’m sorry I broke your lawnmower’, ‘I’m sorry your Internet has been down’ and ‘Congratulations on your vasectomy’. I’d be just as happy sending text messages.


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