To err is human

Do you remember on Sunday I had the house upside down looking for my radiator key. Well I found it in a plastic bowl full of coins. But it turns out that air in the system was not the fault with the central heating. It was ‘human error’.

I had to call the gas man. The second time in two weeks. The boiler was firing up but the radiators were not getting hot.

He arrived and I explained to him how the water had packed up a couple of weeks ago and that a guy came round on a Sunday morning to fix it. I wondered if it could be related. “Possibly. He may have forgot to switch something back on.”

So I leave him with the boiler for a while.

“The problem is that the hot water is not circulating around the system”. He’s been trained to spot things like that.
‘That’s why I called you’. I too can state the obvious.
“I need to get my tools”. Fortunately they just happened to be in his van which was convienently parked outside.

So after a bit of investigation it turns out the the previous gas man had forgotten to “put a little clip back on”. “We’re all human and we make mistakes”. I’m not sure if that is the official British Gas line and if it is then for a company dealing with a highly combustible material it doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence.

On the plus side it’s lovely and warm again in the house.

But I do have to keep reminding myself it’s July.


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