Rain stops play*

A new compost container

A new compost container

*gardening actually. Rain stops gardening.

And by gardening I mean building a compost heap container and fixing up some fencing.

It’s some kind of poor excuse for summer. Patches of blue sky surrounded by rain clouds which have locked on to me in the garden and are drenching me.

I’ve spent most of the last couple of days building a compost heap and, no thanks to the various rain interruptions, it’s finally complete and ready to compost.

It’s in three sections. On the right is Year 1. On the left Year 2 and the middle bit is for leaves and other stuff waiting to be added to Year 1 or Year 2.

A tea break

A tea break

The idea is that the two end sections rotate year by year (hence the numbering system) – so I fill Year 1 (this year) and leave it while I fill Year 2 (next year). Then when Year 2 (next year) is full I empty Year 1 and start filling Year 1 (the year after next) again.

It’s not quite as complicated as the Duckworth-Lewis method of scoring cricket matches and anyway, to be honest, the chances are I’ll be fed up of it before the end of Year 1 and the thing will just rot.

Still, on the plus side, all these rain showers mean I get to sit and drink tea out of my tin mug.

It’s stopped. I’d better get out there before it starts again.


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