London with Beccy

A lunch

A lunch

Spent all day Tuesday in London with my daughter Beccy. Rather than write about it I thought we’d just talk about it.

Here are some pictures to go with the chat.

First up is the lunch we had at Book and Kitchen. It’s a bookshop with cafe or a cafe with a bookshop depending on what you go in for. For us it was a bookshop and cafe.

The food is vegetarian with a vegan options – basically it’s was what you can see here but without the aubergine with yoghurt.

A bookshop called Skoob

A bookshop called Skoob

Probably the best secondhand bookshop we went into was Skoob Books.

Their website says, ‘Lift access, bespoke lighting, warmth, full air-conditioning and wonderful staff provide an excellent browsing environment.”

I’d agree with all of that, except I did’t see the lift. Had I have done I would have used it and not had to look at the picture of David Cameron on the stairs.

A Goodge Street visit

A Goodge Street visit

We spent an awful lot of time on the London Underground. For some reason we found ourselves at Goodge Street station more than once.

More than twice in fact.

We did use the lift but on one ‘visit’ we ignored the signs and used all 139 steps. I did’t count them. There was a sign saying that there were 139 steps and they were for emergency use only. Sorry.

A Mr Bean

A Mr Bean

And here he is. Mr Bean. Only it isn’t.

It’s a lookalike and I suppose he’s quite a good one as we both recognised him for who he was meant to be.

He had the right clothing, the right facial expressions and a teddy.

So that was out day in London.

Next week we’ll be chatting again about not going to London, or some other stuff.



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