Green fingers*

A caterpillar

A caterpillar

Technically I’ve been in the garden all day. I say technically because most of the morning was spent in a Garden Centre.

But the rest of the day I’ve been in the actual garden doing actual gardening things.

In no particular order I’ve: trimmed half the lawn, fix half the fence, potted up half the plants we bought at the garden centre, drank half a pint of beer, got partly covered in ants, saw two caterpillars, saw lots of ants, saw lots of bees, saw more ants, found some (we think) fox poo, cleaned up the (we think) fox poo, found a mini ant hill, tried to fix the back door, watered the compost heap, accidentally hammered an ant to death, saw a snail, saw a few more ants and drank some lemonade.

I for one am exhausted and as you may have gathered I have a number of jobs I need to finish tomorrow.

Just to clarify a couple of things, we don’t have a dog. Dogs don’t have access to our garden but we have seen a fox around. So I think we are fairly certain it was fox poo. I’ve sent it off for testing**.

A picture of my feet and a flower

A picture of my feet and a flower

The caterpillar will, one day, turn into a Cinnabar Moth. All around the bird feeder we have a smashing display of Ragwort and Cinnabar Moths love it. Sadly Ragwort doesn’t get very good press and some people will be beside themselves in disbelief that we have them in the garden. But that’s what happens when you only cut half the lawn.

I also need to clarify the whole Garden Centre thing. Yes we spent most of the morning there, but in truth part of that time was in the cafe eating a full English Breakfast.

Whilst there I spotted my feet so I thought I’d photograph them. Hopefully the purple flower isn’t too much of a distraction.

*Actually my fingers are yellow through wearing yellow dyed leather gloves all day (technically)

**I haven’t sent it off for testing


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