First girlfriend clue

I’ve been told by a complete stranger that my first girlfriend wasn’t Sylvia as I though, but h***n.

It must have been a good few years ago that I signed up to a website provider and as part of its security measures it must have asked about my childhood romances.

So today when they asked me to confirm who I was by naming my first girlfriend I failed because either my memory was bad then or is now.

I suppose, the more I think about it, Sylvia wasn’t actually my girlfriend. We never dated or walked home from school, but I did fancy her but my adolescent body was took screwed up to know what to do or speak coherently.

A password hint

A password hint

h***n wasn’t my first girlfriend either, although we did walk home a couple of times and I did try and kiss her. But Mandy S was my first kiss and she wasn’t a girlfriend either.

Then there was Hazel G who I asked out, but never went on a date with because she rang me at home and my adolescent body was too shocked to know what to do, so I did the only thing I could, I ignored her.

So I can see now why I would have put h***n. Although I didn’t actually put h***n I put helen, but the kind chap at the website provider offered me a clue to her name ‘h***n’.

To be honest it didn’t take me long to work out it was helen, even though it wasn’t.


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