Rear window

I’ve just watched the woman in the house that backs onto ours walk down her garden dragging a large plastic sack.

She dragged it behind her shed and emptied the contents either into a hole or onto the ground. I can’t actually see anything below her waist because I fixed the fence at the weekend.

So I’ll just presume it’s a body and spend the rest of the evening debating whether or not to call the police. Or I’ll presume it isn’t.

I’ve just had another look and now children are playing on a trampoline close to where the body is buried. Perhaps it was actually a dog or a fox or a small horse.

A pony!

And now that their poor pony is dead all the children have left to play with is a trampoline.

A very squeaky trampoline with lots of bouncing sounds which is encouraging happy voices and some screaming and laughing.

I might buy them a new pony. Never heard a peep out of the one that died.

Bloody neighbours.


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