Great British Bake Off

I’ve been live blogging the GBBO. I’ve finished now and undoubtedly eating cake.

20.58 – Thanks for watching.

20.57 – So there we have it. I’ve just been reminded that I’ve out next Wednesday at the theatre so someone else will have to blog GBBO.

20.56 – Oh gosh. Really? Well I never saw that coming.

20.56 – killing me

20.56 – is

20.55 – suspense

20.53 – Time to decide who is going home. The

20.50 – Remind me to get chocolate for next week.

20.47 – “It screams Black Forest Gateaux”

20.46 – That looks like one of mine.

20.45 – Remind me to get cake in for next week.

20.43 – My leg has gone to sleep. I need to walk around a bit.

20.40 – Isn’t time flying.

20.35 – If anyone is wondering, the competition begins in September each year when everyone in Britain bakes a cake and sends it to Mary. She tries them all and sends the fifty best to Paul who picks his top twelve.

20.32 – Black Forest gateaux. The first Show Stopper. I wonder of we have any chocolate in the house.

20.30 – Half an hour in. I’ve found a stale biscuit in the cupboard. It’s not cake.

20.26 – The technical challenge is over. And breathe.

20.25 – Who invented meringue? I want meringue now.

20.23 – I should have bought cake.

20.21 – I need cake. That Walnut Cake looks amazing. Where can I get cake?

20.20 – To sum up for those just joining, I’m live blogging a TV show about baking cracks with a little old lady and a guy in denim. So far no one has thrown anything at anyone or cried. But it’s only twenty minutes in.

20.17 – Mary is left wanting gin.

20.17 – First fallen crest.

2013 – Much crack discussion now. I’m just checking that I haven’t accidentally switched over to a Channel 4 documentary. Nope, there’s Mary, we’re all OK.

20.12 – This is one of the best bits of GBBO. Lots of camera shots of people looking to to ovens.

20.10 – First oven disaster of the series.

20.08 – Mary’s jacket and lipstick can help you adjust the colour control on your TV. Turn the red down until your eyes stop bleeding.

20.06 – Sue said ‘crack’. Or was it Mel?

20.05 – One of the contestants learnt to cook at school in Luton.

20.04 – Mary said ‘crack’.

20.03 – Paul looks like he’s been working out. Mary looks like she’s been working in the kitchen.

20.02 – First quote – “I can be quite random. I can start making a cake and you can end up with a meat pie by the time I finish”.

20.01 – For those not in the UK who may not know what the GBBO is all about then I can sum it up in just a couple of words. It’s cakes and summer and Brits.

20.00 – I’m waiting for my fist picture of cake.


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