Thursday dilemmas

  1. Ten minutes into a meeting and no one has told one of the attendees that they have chocolate round their mouth. They’ve not had a cappuccino since I’ve been there so if I mention it the attendee will wonder why no one mentioned it earlier. I decide not to mention it and hope it’s worn off by the time they next look in a mirror.
  2. Get on bus. There’s a screaming child downstairs. Go upstairs. Child upstairs starts screaming. Child downstairs stops screaming. If I go back downstairs the mother will think I’m going downstairs so I don’t have to listen to her screaming offspring. I decide to stay upstairs. Mother loses patience and drags child downstairs into their buggy where it screams all the way home.
  3. Hear very offensive lyrics on a song on the radio. Contemplate complaining. Decide to get second opinion about the lyrics. Find out that what they were actually singing was “give me forty acres and I’ll turn that rig around”. Decide against looking like a complete idiot.

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