A big waspy thing

A big waspy thing

It landed next to me and tried to steal my pork pie.

I tried to reason with it, but it was bigger than me and when it moved slightly I ran into the house like a girl.

I’ve no idea what it is. I’ve looked it up in a couple of books and the closet I can get is a Hornet.

He/it had big eyes, like on a Spiderman mask. A long yellow face and a small red horn not unlike a Unicorn. Well I tried to convince myself of that because when I start panicking I imagine I’m in a magical forest surrounded by Unicorns, Red Squirrels and cake.

Did I mention it was big?

It's still here!

It’s still here!

Taking my life into my own hands for the sake of this blog, I went in for a closer picture and to be honest I wish I hadn’t.

What on earth is it?

A tiny Hover fly came for a close look and the beast launched itself from the table like a B52.

It’s circled the garden a couple of times before getting clearance to enter Norwich air space.

Did I mention it was big?


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