Spirited away

A dead spider

A dead spider

There’s dead spider in my spirit level.

This raises a number of questions.

  1. How did it get in there
  2. How did it die
  3. Do spiders have spritis
  4. Will it effect the accuracy of the spirit level
  5. How do I get it out

So let’s address these issues. Firstly I have no idea how it got in there or how long it has been in there as I haven’t used the spirit level for quite some time.

There are three possibilities to how it may have ‘passed over’.

  1. Drowning
  2. Alcohol poisoning
  3. Neglect

Do spiders have spirits? No.

The second biggest worry is whether or not it will effect the accuracy of the level. If the spider’s corpse interferes with the position of the bubble then all future jobs will be on the ‘huh’ as they say here in Norfolk. I need to remove it before the shed slides off its new foundations.

Which brings us to the most important issue. How to get the bloody thing out. If I knew how it got in I may have a chance. But it appears to have a better seal than Tutankhamun.

I’ve wrapped the spirit level up carefully and will send it to CSI:B&Q to see what they say/suggest. In the meantime all levelling work has been suspended.

*Just noticed that the spirit level was made in China. What if the spider was in it when I bought it? I’m going to have put my street into quarantine just to be on the safe side.


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