A moth

A moth

There’s an almost moth in my shed. He looks like he’s about to emerge from his transformation; unfurl his wings and head towards the nearest light*.

It’s a bit like Christmas, wondering what’s wrapped up inside. My guess is it’ll be socks. Because it’s always socks.

I’m no expert but I’m going to stick my neck out here and say it could possibly be the chrysalis** of a Fritillary of some sort perhaps, but don’t go betting your house on that. If anyone can identify it then please do.

When it finally emerges I’d like to be able to tell it where it came from.


Outside the Canna is loving all the sunshine.

A Canna

A Canna

This photograph actually looks like a Rembrandt painting. Delicate yellow brushstrokes on the poppy red petals. But I can assure you that it is a photograph and the flowers do look like this and there are no records of Rembrandt ever painting a Canna.

Sadly the flowers of the Canna only seem to be at their best for about a day before they start to look tired and wilted. A bit like me after five minutes of light weeding.

The garden is really coming together now and once I’ve moved the shed and slipped my disc back into place, it’ll be time to start all the autumn jobs like throwing everything into the aforementioned shed and forgetting about them until next June.

*Or my parasol. I have a colony of moths of various types living in my parasol. Every time I open it there they are looking at me like they expect a cup of tea or something. If I chase them out they do a lap of the garden before returning.

** Be very careful typing chrysalis into a search engine. My auto-spell got it wrong and I spent a frantic fifteen minutes or so trying to delete my browsing history.


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