Ting ting toot.

The bus home had a strange atmosphere. It felt like we were all on our final journey or being driven to a Jay-Z concert against our will.

Everyone staring forward. No talking, no one playing games or texting on their phones. Everyone was just keeping to themselves.

The only disturbance was the bus itself. Every time the driver closed the doors the horn tooted. Counter to that the bell sounded more musical than others I’ve heard. It actually sounded like several little bells all being struck at once by feather duster.

Then the woman, sitting alone in front of me, started talking loudly. Everyone turned round to look at her. The bells rang and she stood up, timing her walk down the bus perfectly to reach the doors just as they opened at her stop.

“Thank-you driver”, she said.

The bus tooted and we continued our journey in silence until once again the bells rang out.


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