Automatic post

When this blogpost actually goes online I’ll be sat inside a theatre in Sheringham watching a farce. But with Benedict Cumberbatch’s words still ringing in my ears, I won’t be publishing it from my aisle seat six rows from the front*. It will all be done automatically.

This is nothing new. Blogs and tweets get scheduled all the time. I can fully understand it working well for blogs and webpages, but not Twitter. Twitter is all about being in the now. It’s about what’s happening right this minute**.

So while you are reading this (if you are reading it just after it’s been published) the chances are that I’m sat watching someone lose their trousers or running in and out of bedrooms holding various objects – which is the sort of thing I’d love to be tweeting about, but I’m happy to have my phone switched off and simply enjoy the show. And I’d hate to upset Batch.

*Or wherever they put me.
**I see some of the irony of this as the posting of this automated blog will also have triggered a tweet. But my excuse is that it is ok as it is actually reporting a live event in so much as my page has just gone live.

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