Shopping lists

I used to collect shopping lists. I’d find them in all sorts of places, left on a bus, dropped on the floor and, obviously, screwed up and discarded in the bagging area.

I had hundreds of them and they made fascinating reading. Not just the items needed but the way they were written – fruit, veg and meat separated or mixed up. Random lists. List by wise, list with alternatives (presumably written by someone other than the shopper). It became addictive.

It was only when my wife stopped someone in a shop and asked if she could have their shopping list -“I’ve not finished with it yet, sorry” – did I decided it had all gone too far and I stopped.

I still see lists but resist the temptation to pick them up.

But for old time’s sake here’s the shopping list I took out with me today, which is on my phone not paper:
6 Red Peppers
400g pork minced
Flat leafed parsley
2 red onions
4 red tomato (1 for paella 3 for Moz)
Doritos and a dip?
Artichoke or other such nibble
Green salad leaves – baby herb or similar
Black pudding

I suppose if I start spotting shopping list on phones that have been left lying around I may be tempted to start again.


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