Mellow yellow




Do a search on Google for yellow and you get ‘About 6,150,000,000 results’. These results include millions of images of the colour yellow (as seen here) as well as other yellow things such as:

The Coldplay record – Yellow
A link to the Yellow Pages
Personal storage from Big Yellow
The Yellow Bus Company
Big Bird
Yellow Fever
‘Millions of gallons of waste turn Colorado river yellow’
Yellow wagtails
Yellow Submarine
and much, much more yellow stuff.

A yellow flower

A yellow flower

Everywhere you look you can see yellow things. Like this flower.

There are yellow themed sections on photo sites such as Flickr. The custard in my egg custard is, yes you guessed it, yellow.

Cowards are yellow, butter is yellow, buttercups are yellow. You can get yellow M&Ms, yellow socks, yellow paint, yellow pencils and yellow fruit*.

A message putting into doubt the colour yellow

A message putting into doubt the colour yellow

But hang on just one second. Yellow? Look at this message I got while playing Words With Friends.

When something like this pops up unextpecdily you go through a number of phases;

  1. Surprise. Oh, I must have spelt it wrong
  2. Disbelief. No, that’s definitely how I spell it
  3. Doubt. Have I been spelling it wrong all these years
  4. Double doubt. Checking online and in books the correct way of spelling it
  5. Annoyance. How could they reject such a commonly used word
  6. Anger. Really? Yellow? How the $@&^ can you not have yellow you stupid little App
  7. Outburst. Writing a long winded blog post about it

It’s not the first time Words With friends have thrown me a curve ball. It often manages to come up with some rare gem of a word to get itself out of a tight spot and then have the cheek not to be able to supply a dictionary explanation for the word. And then have the audacity not to allow me to put an ‘s’ on the end.

You may have gathered from that last paragraph that I play ‘solo’ on Words With Friends, which may account for some of my anger. Perhaps I need to find some friends.

*Some argue that bananas are actually a herb


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