I’m in the Poundland. Everything around me is £1.

Things that sell for less than £1 are doubled or tripled up so that they can be sold together for £1.

I’m in the queue holding one item, costing £1. I am also holding a £1 coin.

In front of me is an elderly lady. She too is holding 1 item, costing £1.

In front of her there’s a young woman with three items totalling £3.

The young woman arrives at the till.
“Do you need a bag?”
‘Yes please.’
“That’s £3 please”.
The young woman hands over a five pound note and gets £2 change.

Now it’s the turn of the elderly lady with one item.

“Do you need a bag?”
“That’s a pound please”.
‘For the bag?’
“No for your bleach”.
“A pound?”
‘Yes. A pound please’.
“Has it gone up?”
‘No it’s always been a pound’.
The elderly lady then takes about three minutes looking through her bag for her purse. Two minutes counting a pound in change and a further two minutes packing the bleach away.

My turn.

“Do you need a bag?”
‘No thank-you’.
“That’s a pound then please”.
I hand over my £1 coin, take my recepit and wait by the door for the elderly lady to button up her coat.

While I stand there I think, ‘One day this will be me”.


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