Three thoughts for Thursday

A stamp

A stamp

This is possibly a really early Christmas card.

I guess that’s the problem with Christmas stamps.

If you don’t use them all up at Christmas then they look odd at other times of the year and if you hang onto them until next Christmas you look like you’ve been stock piling them in case of a rise in postal charges.

I love the font on the date stamp.

Photo phun

A 'picture' of me

A ‘picture’ of me

I’ve been playing with some software looking for something to do chroma key on iPhone/ipad.

Obviously I don’t read the instructions and I don’t have a green screen to try to with, but still, I think it’s given me some interesting results.

Not what I’m looking for. But interesting.

And finally

For anyone who thinks that nothing much ever really happens in Norfolk, here’s a story from the BBC:
Cromer Carnival parade ‘gatecrashed’ by supermarket lorry.


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