Warning: May contain nuts

Three questions for Saturday.

A bowl of peanuts

A bowl of peanuts

Why is it that the first peanut out of the bag always tastes the best?
Why, after someone has given the correct information requested on a Facebook page, do people still continue to post alternative suggestions?
Why do people insist on answering rhetorical questions?

So, peanuts. Mother used to keep them in a tin. I kid you not. I went there once* and she handed me the tin. The inside had corroded with the salt. I threw them away along with the tin. I don’t think she ever did forgive me, especially as she quickly lost her powers of magnetism.

So, Facebook. I’ve come close on a number of occasions to packing it in. All the adverts, the promotional posts and requests from people I don’t know (or can’t remember knowing). I stay for two reasons. 1 – I can keep in touch with the family who constantly entertain with picture of animals, food and hangovers. 2 – I can keep in touch with old friends who constantly entertain me with picture of animals, food and hangovers.

It does annoy me when someone in one of the groups asks a question about an old place of work for example. I reply with the information they wanted, but then my reply is buried amongst others from people who ‘think’ they know the answer ‘but can’t be sure’. Did they not read the previous replies? The simple poser quickly becomes a debate and either ends in tears or an advert for sunglasses.

As for the third question. Really?

*I actually went there more than once, but I’m talking about a specific occasion here


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