Fungi Foray

Mushroom (or Toadstool)

Mushroom (or Toadstool)

Plans had been in place for a little while to go searching out some fungi this morning.

So imagine my delight when I read that it was UK Fungal Day*, or something like that.

Just thinking on I presume it’s related to mushrooms and toadstools and it’s not some kind of Athlete’s Foot Awareness Day.

From experience I knew that Catton Park in Norwich would be an ideal place to forage.

I wasn’t disappointed. You could hardly move for them.

We’ve had a couple of days of really heavy rainfall and this morning’s sunshine must have provided the ideal conditions not only for the fungi, but also for the dogs.

An orange Mushroom or Toadstool.

An orange Mushroom or Toadstool.

One cheeky chappie (dog not fungi) ran up to me barking over and over again.

It kept glancing back from where it came and I was beginning to think it was trying to tell me something.

Of course it was just as likely to be telling me that this was ‘his’ part of the Park.

Two for the price of one

Two for the price of one

I negotiated carefully round him and he gave me a look as if to say, ‘yeah, and don’t come back’.

Passing the Lodge I spotted something I hadn’t seen for a long time. A yoga class. There they all were lying on their little mats waving their legs about in the air – perhaps this is what the dog had been warning me of.

I didn’t realise people still went to yoga, I thought it was all Pilates and Reiki these days. But no, there they were blissfully unaware of all the fungi they were missing.

*I checked. It’s actually called UK Fungus Day and like most of these “Day” type things, it actually lasts all weekend.


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