The rain in Spain

The brilliant white houses and hotels with their flat roofs and outside staircases give Cala d’Or a look unlike I’ve seen anywhere else.

Against the slate grey sky the buildings are Persil White and when the rain eventually stops and the sun breaks through I regret leaving my sunglasses at home.The trees seem to bear shades of green I’ve never seen before, or if I have they’ve been filtered in the past by my sunglasses.

 Within minutes of the rain clearing and the sun shining the hotel becomes frantic as people dash around carrying blue towels. Although in the area we have dubbed ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room’ because of its colour scheme, elderly people continue to snooze, read or look out of the window.

I suspect they are preparing themselves for the afternoon bingo session that was scheduled to take place by the pool but will now be in the ‘Waiting Room’ due to the earlier bad weather. There’s a bottle of wine up for grabs and it’s got my name on it…


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