In the dark

This is a true story. It didn’t happen to me but I’ll recount the events exactly as they were told, out of respect for the one who suffered.

“They have some sort of energy saving thing going on in the toilets. When you open the door it’s dark but it detects movement, so the light comes on when you walk in. 

I go into the cubicle and the light comes on in there. I’m inside for less than a minute and the light goes off suddenly, leaving me seated in the dark.

I have to wave my hands about in the air to make it come on again.

I exit the cubicle and the main room is now in darkness, obviously. So I move around extravagantly and on comes the light. 

At the sink, I hover my hand under the soap dispenser which spurts foam on to my palm but I inadvertently make a second pass under the sensor just as I pull away and more foam splats onto the floor. The light goes out.

I jump around on the spot while frantically washing up and then move to the drier. The sensor which keeps the drier working is in completely the wrong position, so instead of drying my hands it just blasts hot air onto my wrists. While I stand there, trying to find the drier’s sweet spot, the light goes out. I give up and do one hand at a time while waving the other around like I’m hailing a cab. 

Finally, comfort restored, hands washed and almost dried, I take a deep breath, smooth my clothing and turn to the mirror to check my hair.

Light goes out.”


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