The guy in the souvenir shop struggled to find the English words to help us understand the story behind the Siurell whistles that had caught our eye.

The colours are not unlike those of other traditional figures we’ve seen before, namely those representing the Mexican Day of the Dead.

The guy told us that the Siurell can be found in every home on Mallorca. If we had the time, we’d check.

Originally they were a tools used by farmers to call their animals to order. A bit like they do in the UK with sheepdogs. Imagine One Juan and His Dog. “And before we had TV they would play songs on them to entertain”. I presume he’s talking about to family and friends and not the animals.

Just how these working tools went from simple whistles to hand moulded and painted tourist trinkets the guy in the shop couldn’t tell me. “There’s not much information about it,” he said, which translates into ‘If you expect me to translate the entire story into English then it’s going the cost you more than six lousy Euros.”

Actually I’m doing him an injustice. He was most helpful wrapping our booty carefully and telling us how each figurine is unique. “You won’t find two the same anywhere.”

If only we had the time to check.


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