Not what I expected

“There’s a local market this evening. In fact it’s very local as all you have to do is step out of the hotel and turn left at the Spar and there it is, all along the high street.” That’s the thing about resort-based holiday reps, they have all the local knowledge.

“It’s open from 6 until midnight so there’s time to have a relaxing meal and then wander around the market.” It sounded lovely and the perfect way to unwind after a busy day propping up the Cala d’Or economy by consuming vast amounts of beer by the hotel pool.

I had visions of a colourful array of local fruits and fish. Cheeky traders bartering over a couple of Euros for a genuine leather jacket and exuberant street food vendors creating wonderous paellas over roaring burners, filling the air with delicious smells and vibrant hubbub.

To give her her due, she was right about one thing. The market did take place that evening. Sadly it wasn’t on the high street but several streets further away and the description ‘market’ was slightly misleading as it consisted of less than a dozen stalls selling exactly the same souvenirs available in the shops during the day. The wandering took about four minutes – and that was going round twice.

It was the second disappointment of the evening.

Earlier, at the hotel buffet, D was excited to see that they were offering fried milk on the dessert counter. Her enthusiasm led me to believe that this is a treat not to be missed.

Ignoring the raspberry roulade and the fresh fruit cheesecake, and dragging my attention away from the chocolate brownies and mini lemon meringue pies, before me lay a tray of what looked like tiny doughnuts, each exactly the same size and shape. Paul Hollywood would have been impressed, by that at least.

So having been tempted by this ‘treat’, I tried one. It was like biting into a potato croquette but it tasted like sweetened milk thickened up, covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Probably because that’s exactly what it was. Imagine eating one of those mini UHT milk portions you get in the hotel room but without the delicious plastic taste.

I tried to liven mine up with the addition of vanilla and strawberry ice cream but all this achieved was scorn from my fried milk loving companion.


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