It’s been another glorious day in Norfolk. The deep blue sky dotted with the fluffiest clouds known to man. The birds have been singing, the bee’s a buzzing and the butterflies have been fluttering by. To top it all the weather forecast was for zero rain. What could possibly go wrong?

I got soaked.

water cannon

The water cannon delivering a gazillion gallons of water onto me

There I was happily riding* along the Marriott’s Way from Aylsham to Cawston enjoying the birds and the bees and the butterflies. The views across the open farmland just adding to the total perfection of it all. And then I got soaked.

A farmer had set up one of those huge water jets they use for keeping the crops healthy. Only it was also spraying on the pathway.

It has a gentle sweeping motion and if you time it just right about fifteen gallons of water lands on you while all around other, drier souls, laugh.

On the plus side I did manage to record the sound of the water cannon as it ‘phppt phppt phppt’ itself back and forth. I’ve added to the Norfolk Sound Map so that I can relive the moment when ever I feel dry.

I also did a music video if you’re interested in that sort of thing. It’s on my Vimeo page.

*Did I mention I’d bought a bike?


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