This past week (15 January 2017)

Here are a few photographs from my week.

I finally got round to watching Star Wars Rouge One at Cinema City in Norwich. It was a late (for me) showing, starting at 8.45 – or perhaps closer to 9.15 by the time all the adverts and trailers finished.

I enjoyed the film and no matter what I go to see, the experience of cinema going at Cinema City is always a pleasant one. As a member there’s a discount at the bar, I was using one of my free tickets and, as ever, the seats were lovely and comfy.

Other highlights this week include meeting up with the of the creatives who is developing an installation piece for Maker’s Month at The Forum in February. I’m working with her to create an audio visual piece that will compliment a ‘cocoon’ that she is making out of fibre. I can’t ell you anymore at the stage – and have probably said too much anyway.

Something else, away from work that I’ve been asked to do, is film an art exhibition at St Giles House Hotel in Norwich later in the year. I popped into where the exhibition will be. I’ve visited the hotel on a number of occasions – nice bar – but hadn’t really explored the rest of it.


Is this your balloon?

The Walnut Suit has the most magnificent chandelier. Only now, as I was uploading the image for the gallery, did I notice that one of those pesky helium filled balloons was roosting in the ornate ceiling.

The weather this week has been dominated by a blast of cold air from the north.

We did escape the worst of the snow, but did get enough of a sprinkling for me to take the obligatory shot for Twitter.

Finally, on this cold and damp Sunday, I’ve spent some time making a music video. I hope you like it.


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