Status Quo – 1999

o0zff_edfff1vnjjp8ba2gwamq0Here’s an interview I did with Status Quo in April 1999 at The Star and Garter in Manchester.

It was part of a pub tour they were doing to promote their new album called Under The Influence.

The local media had been invited along to talk to Franics Rossi and Rick Parfitt.

I waited pateienly for my turn to have 10 minutes with them.

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-12-54-14I knew what everyone else was going to ask so I wanted to find something different and see if I could get them to tell me something no one else was going to get.

As you will hear – in this unedited version – after the usual questions I tried a couple of other things, confusing them, and myself, at one point!

Then I asked them about the time they switched on Blackpool Illuminations in 1993 and the commemorative jugs made by Royal Doulton.

A quick look online suggests they are worth around £150 today, but none are on sale at the moment.

I have to admit that I’m a little mortified now about my Jayne Mansfield quip – which didn’t make the final edit, but it did get a good reaction from them plus the knowledge that Rick Parfitt had a pair in his studio.

The ‘big night’ referred to on the recording was the Manchester United game against Juventus in the Champions League, it finished 1-1.


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