Leaving Social Media

Twenty four hours into my self imposed Social Media exodus and all seems well. I mean, I haven’t felt the urge to punch anyone yet.

I announced my departure on Facebook and apart from one comment about me being able to spend more time playing with my Lego, nine people ‘liked’ my status update. The sentiment or the actual fact that I was leaving?

Deactivating my Facebook account was fairly straight forward. I thought.

I had to give a reason for such snubbery and I chose the Schwarzenegger option of ‘I’ll be back’. I hit submit just as I spotted that they would helpfully reinstate my account in 7 days.

So within minutes of taking the plunge, I was crawling out of the deep end again to choose a different option. I can’t remember what it was. I was so annoyed at their sneaky tactics for all I know I may have told them I was dead.

I did however stop short of totally deleting my account. I plan to do that if I manage to stay away for six months.

Twitter and Instagram were easier. I just deleted the Apps from all my devices and will not post or look again. I did think about deleting those accounts completely, but there were are gems on there I’d hate future civilisations or bored Friday afternoon office workers to miss out on.

Fed up

The decision to leave social media was one I’v been considering for a while.

Basically I was getting fed up with all the click-bait, false news, vitriol, cats, sunrises, sunsets, dogs, #followfriday, friend requests from people I didn’t know, friend requests from people I did know, red pandas, videos of people falling over, cats falling over, dogs falling over, pictures of vegan food and pictures of people eating vegan food falling over dogs.

Since the New Year I have read 1,000,000% fewer tweets and 3 books. I have no idea what any of my family or friends had for lunch or how big Donald Trump’s dick is.

My head is clearer. Food tastes better. I think I may call it Nosocialmedianuary. No hashtag required.


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