Pluses and minuses of quitting social media

I find my self spending a lot less time online – and in the bathroom for that matter* – since I gave up Social Media. Do I see this as a positive thing though?

I’ve quickly come to realise a couple of things. Firstly giving up Facebook is going to cost me a fortune in birthday cards. A quick HB online will now be replaced by hours looking through cards, writing message, buying stamps and finding a postbox. Do we even still have post boxes?

Secondly, I fear that all my other online things – like this blog and my Norfolk Sound Map – may suffer from me not promoting them on social media. Perhaps the answer is to only post and not get sucked into reading everyone else’s Tweets. But is that keeping to the spirit of social media? Without social media, no one can hear you scream.


Another thing I’ve become more aware of is just how poor news sites are these days. I didn’t realise how much I relied on social media to keep me in the loop of what was happening. The sites don’t update as quickly as social media. Instant reaction on sites like the BBC seems to be more of a reaction to the instant reaction on Twitter.

So called ’news’ seems to be about social media itself. Reports on things that have become ‘viral’ are a daily thing. Perhaps I’m noticing them more as in the past I would have probably ignored them as they were about something I’d already seen elsewhere.

I think I will take the un-social media approach and auto-post to Twitter.

*I hate Andrea Quilted toiled paper. It really is like wiping your arse with an eider duck.


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