Catching up

I’m getting jobs done. Just little jobs like archiving old sound files and sorting out some long forgotten paperwork. Staying off social media is giving me more time to do the things I should have been doing. Ages ago.

I also seem to be noticing things more. Such as how many people on the bus in the morning are not looking out of the window of the bus, but into the window of the internet. A party of elderly naked nuns could get on the bus at he Co-op and hardly anyone would notice, let alone give up their seat.


The bin collections have been all over the place during the Christmas break. It’s always a Tuesday unless there’s a Bank Holiday, then it’s a Wednesday. But this last Christmas fell on a Monday so there were two days of holiday pushing the bins back to Thursday. I thought we’d got back to normal this week, but I was wrong. They are still a day behind so Tuesday’s bin goes out on Wednesday.

I like to put the bins out the night before. I nearly forgot this evening. Already changed into my PJs, I remembered that the Blue bin needed to go out. I’m not one for venturing outside in my sleep clothes, but needs must.

We live next the a busy junction with traffic lights. I opened the front door and though ‘It’s quite dark, no one will see me in my PJs. I might get away with this’. I stepped out.


The outside light flooded the fron of the house in brilliant light. Me centre stage. A car at the lights tooted its horn. I felt deeply embarrassed that I was spotted. I’ve let the neighbourhood down.

God knows what the neighbours think. It’ll be all over Twitter I’m sure.


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